New Jersey Hospital Employee Health Nurses Association


Academic and/or Research/Project Recognition


To encourage members to further their education and to promote research and innovative projects that focus on issues related to Employee Health.


All members in good standing with NJHEHNA. Candidates for academic consideration must be enrolled in a program related to Occupational and /or Employee Health. Candidates for research/project recognition must apply within a years’ time of doing, or completing their project and presenting it to the membership.


  • Time period
    • Enrolled in a program during the calendar year
    • Project current or completed at time of application
  • Submission
    • Completed application form
    • Documentation of enrollment in a program (academic)
    • Presentation outline with any supporting material (research)
  • Selection
    • Executive board will select the winner
  • Deadline
    • Application postmarked by the first Friday of September
  • Award
    • $500.00 award if one winner
    • Equally divided if two applicants are awarded

Criteria rating scale

  • Academic
    • 20% Active member of the organization
    • 40% Documentation of course or program enrollment
    • 40% Statement of professional goals as they relate to Occupational/Employee Health Nursing
  • Research
    • 20% Active member of the organization
    • 40% Project purpose; state the objectives or goals as they would benefit the Employee Health Profession
    • 40% Project significance; state the importance of the project to this organization

Application forms can be obtained by contacting the current president of the organization or click here.


Upcoming Meetings

September 14, 2018
Overview of Tuberculosis