New Jersey Hospital Employee Health Nurses Association

Nurse of the Year

The NJHEHNA Nurse of the Year award is presented annually to the member who best exemplifies the mission of the organization. This honor is bestowed upon a member who may or may not be an officer in the organization, but one who is committed to demonstrating the organization’s objectives through contributions on committees, continuing education through development of in-service programs, occupational health professional organization membership, publishing medical articles and/or attaining specific certification.

The 2012 Employee Health Nurse of the Year award was presented to Landa A. PoianiDarocki MSN, ANP-BC, COHN-S, FAAOHN, Sr Manager Meridian Occupational Health. As a member of the NJHEHNA since 1985 she has served on the Board in various roles since 1987. Her most recent position as President ended Jan 2013. In 1991 Landa was the first receipient of this award. She is a Magna cum laude BSN graduate from Seton Hall University and attended Monmouth University for her MSN. She is certified as a COHN-S and Adult Nurse Practitioner. In addition she is recognized as an expert and leader in Occupational Health and achieved fellowship status by AAOHN.

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